Lifestyle Report : The London EDITION hotel


 One of the biggest advantages in my job is the fact that i can visit and stay in the best and the most Luxurious hotels worldwide without even pay a penny.

If you are a person who loves pampering and breakast in bed made by someone else then i think you are my type and you know exactly  what i’m talking about.

Recently i visited The EDITION London hotel where i spent two lovely nights and i confess that  it’s the best i’ve ever stay and probably beats the   Shangri-la Vilingili Resort and Spa Maldives .

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Most of the days i get dress according to my mood. This morning i woke up with a huge desire of holidays.
I was struggling between dreaming and reallity,thinking of diving into clear blue waters -ideally in Capri and i could imagine myself laying in the beach for endless tanning seasions all day long.Late in the afternoon i could strolling wearing navy blue,and maxi dresses with a cosmopollitan attitude.

This was not really possible.The only option that i had it was steall my boyfriend blue shirt wearing my platoforms for extra confidence credits and go for a walk nearby the sea.
I will keep this outfit anyways..Capri is a flight away, You never know ..Just in case ..

Shirt (similar here) – Skirt (similar here) – Jessica Simpson wedges- CK watch – Le specs sunglasses

Photos : Anna Zacharaki


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3+1 Key Pieces to Invest


Considering the sales period i’m trying to stay focus on my needs and avoiding spending money to useless pieces.The purpose is to take this advantage and invest in timeless basics clothes. Clothes that you can wear for a long time,easy for mix and match outfits  indeed of fashionable and trend pieces.

You can read below my all time classic list and take some inspiration just in case that were thinking of a renewal for your closet ..



Blazers and MUST.PERIOD. You can use it all year round and always it gives you a chic twist. Try to find one which fits perfectly on your shoulders and has a good fabric.



What if we play with clothes and try different styles. On those days that you have simply -Nothing to wear- is for sure your the safest choice. This is the Ultimate Little black dress. Find the one which makes you feel confidence and match it with anything according to your #moodoftheday .



The story is well known.. You had a total crush when you first saw this Bag but you just overlook it because of the unaffortable price. The only way is to wait for a couple of months and guess what..? This is the time ! Sales o’clock! I purchase this all time classic Carven bag with a 70% discount ..  It’s easier that you think darling 😉





I will end this post with the biggest women love ever! Shoes of course.. We have serious issues when it comes the shoe thing .No ? My advise is to choose wisely and not because of the great bargain that you just discovered. I mean.. You don’t need one more pair of classic flats just because is cheap. And the most important .. Don’t buy it if it’s not on your size. You probably bury it on your closet. It’s simple.

What’s your all time classic pieces ?

Looking forward to see your comments below..


Big Kiss



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LV 1





I was in Paris recently , on my casual strolling in the Parisian capital i was unexpected discovered the Louis Vuitton exhibition at the Grand Palais. I could see myself as a little girl who just received the best candy treats! I stand in the queue waiting for the entrance. An hour and fifteen minutes later i was finally inside and my excitement was huge.

I step in the hall the it was all there. The whole history of Louis Vuitton rolled out in front of my eyes..

The history goes like this..

In 1835,aged fourteen Louis Vuitton left Anchay , his native village and the traveled on foot reaching Paris two years later.He was immediately hired as a box maker manufacturing boxes and crated used to pack objects and voluminous wardrobes.  In 1854 founded his own company and began to win the favor of important people such as Empress Eugenie.In 1875 the first vertical trunk guaranteed the success of the company. In 1890 the tumbler lock was a major invention that allowed the same customer to open each single piece of a luggage with a single key.

The success of the House of Louis Vuitton was based on the principles of French style ,recognized the beauty of an object in its function and mobility.

In 1997 ready-to-wear officially became part of Louis Vuitton collection and Marc Jacobs was named artist director. For almost sixteen years his collections gave new interpretations to icons of the house collaborating with artists Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince. This exceptionally gifted visionary praised by an entire generation ,has built a bridge between history and originality taking inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s archives and driving them towards unprecedented contemporary territories.

For more than 150 years Louis Vuitton is one the most luxurious and well known brands worldwide. Ladies get crazy in front of LV logo as a piece of the collection is a dream for everyone. The big disadvantage? The high prices which unfortunately for the most of us are not affordable.

Check the pictures below..





LV7LV19 LV15


More information at :




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Focus on : Flared Jeans

_MG_5338 (Αντιγραφή)(1)I was wondering about jeans issue this week. When was the last time that you wore something else besides your skinny jeans? This piece has totally entered in our lives and most of us definitely living on this.

Sometimes the usual is so boring and  you just want to try something different than your usual paths.

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I own the DRD4-7R gene . “Whether you call it wanderlust, a love of travel or regular old curiosity – the fact remains the same: Your hunger to explore simply cannot be quenched, no matter how many vacations or journeys you take” Sience says. I can tallk regarding traveling and destinations edless hours. People are always curious about how can i travel so often and they always need to chat about my recent travel Experienses. They’re always complain about how jealous they feel and they wish to were lucky enough to do the same think. Most of the times i’m just there defend my passion-the passion for traveling and ensure them that anyone who is willing to make a good budget and scheduling can travel at least once in 3 months.

The upcoming post is from my latest trip in Prague where i spent a 3 great and rexaling days last October .


Here is my MUST do list of what to do and see in Prague:

  • Cross the Charles Bridge which is one of the most known attraction in the city.It constructed in 1357 and connects the old city with the new city center.
  • Grab a coffee and climb in Petrin Hill . As soon as you reach the top i’ll bet you will be exhausted but the breathtaking panoramic view it will reward you .
  • Strolling in the streets of the old city and reach the Astronomical Clock with stands there since 1410. Be there on the dot and you to hear the tick-tock.
  • Don’t forget to buy trdelnick . The local mouth-watering baked sweet made by pastry ,sugar and cinammon.
  • You are in the kindom of Spa’s so get an appointment in a hotel wellness center. Ideally i suggest you to reach Karlovy Vary -2 hours by bus for their famous thermal baths and hot Springs.
  • Are you a beer lover ? Ohh here some good news. This is the national drink of Czech Republic. It’s chaper than water and you have countless options.
  • Don’t skip the Cafe Savoy that you will have the best Carrot soup that you have ever eat.
  • Want the best sweets in town ? Make a stop at Cafe Kavarna . You will enjoy delish treats accompinied to live Piano music(!)
  • I suggest you to use the local Tram transportation which is really cheap ,you have the chance to stare the city while you waiting for the next stop and it gives a vintage feeling.








I absolutelly loved this city and i will definatelly return in the future. I hope this post gave you some inspiration to start thinking of your next trip. I Would love to hear your thoughts but untill next time i will end this text with my favourite quote:

” Travel is the only thing you buy and makes you richer”




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